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Liv Minimal story lane

With every passing day, things become fuzzier and fuzzier. You feel stressed, and on the brink of giving it all up.

"It's impossible," says Suzan. Her beautiful green eyes now seem tired and frustrated. Her dark brown hair was frizzy, bundled up as a loose bun, upon her head. It seems Kiara, I am fighting this battle for no reason. For God's sake, it's a 3 bedroom house, and we are only 3 people. How in the world I don't have space.

Kiara understood it so well... she was here just three months back. She can vaguely remember her past. She said, "Suzan, it seems I am looking into the mirror, which shows the Past." She went near her, hugged her. Took the duster, from her hand, and put it down on the floor. She holds her hand and brings her out to the garden. The winter morning sun touches their face, and instantly a bright smile sparked on her lips.

Kiara, made a nice hot cup of tea, for both of them, and from her purse, she took her diary out. She looked at the diary and sigh, handing it over to Suzan she said, this saved my life, but I understand, it's time for me to pass it on. Suzan saw the diary cover.

A very subtle looking small diary called

" Liv Minimal Source Code"

It reads Things are easy if you just let it be.

It sparked a new light in her eyes. It's hard to say what caused it. The warm winter sunlight, the nice cup of tea, an empathetic friend, or the source code. Maybe all of them together created the new energy in her. To restart the journey once again. To make space in her life for the things she loves. To bring back the focus on healthy eating and living. To rebuild her relationship with herself.

To live the life that she deserves once again. She slowly opened the first page.................................................................

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